One simple interface for your learning ecosystem


Making learning work

The world of learning is changing rapidly. Never before has learning played such an important role within organizations. New titles emerge as the CLO is claiming a seat at the table. Massive investments are being pumped into all kinds of educational technology platforms. Today’s learning is about reskilling and upskilling. About performance support, the moment of need, about adaptive and just in time. And all this should happen in the flow of work.

How about the hero?

But how do you organize this within your company? And more important: where does this leave the learner? What about the dramatic hero of our story? The one who embodies the consumer’s need that validates all these illustrious titles, catchy buzzwords and heavy investments. Has anyone thought of them? About what they want and need? Well, we have/did.

No clutter

We believe that it's actually quite simple. People like to learn. They do it constantly. Not because it's fun. But because we are wired that way. We are programmed to improve ourselves. We might have different ways of determining what to learn. And there are definitely multiple ways to learn something most effectively. But in the end learning is as simple as you wanting to master something. Others just keep making it difficult by wanting to control it. So, what would happen if we remove all the clutter? We'd be right back at where it all started… Someone who wants to learn something.

It’s about learning

Arriving from that principle we started Komensky. It's not about gaming, or social, or wow, or any trending fad. It's not even about technology. It's about learning. And how we can facilitate that journey the best way. Which brings us to our raison d'etre. In its core Komensky operates as a broker/integrator of separate learning systems to support a seamless learning journey for your employees. Because learning shouldn’t be limited to the functionalities of one system. Nor should it be scattered all over the place. It’s is about connecting the things that are already out there and organizing that in a way that makes sense to the user. Virtual classrooms, Instructor led training, assessments, elearning, serious games, blended, video, pdf’s, SCORM, xAPI. We make it all work together.

Do I have to?

Over the years we’ve interviewed thousands of employees about how they learn. The outcome is as simple as it is obvious: people learn best if there is an urgency to it. We’re not Netflix, nor Facebook. Our goal is not to keep users as long as possible on our platform. On the contrary, we want to help people learn as effectively as possible. Komensky is structured around the basic learning needs of people. For one thing, that means that people don’t have to search multiple catalogues and systems to find what they’re looking for. It follows two simple principles: there are things you have to know because they are prerequisite to your performance and there are things you want to know because it’s part of your personal development. The rest arrives from there.

A seat at the table

We've put our hearts and souls in building a product that helps continuously develop and maintain learning landscapes for large organizations. Light weight by nature, integrating with all kinds of systems with various purposes, we focus on optimizing the user experience and standardizing data. Because in the end, if learning really wants to earn its seat at the table, we should be able to say something about the return it created… for people as well as for organizations.